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On-Demand Cleanings

Cleaning services without the contract.

Read below to learn what to expect during your on-demand cleaning appointment, as well as the other “On-Demand” services we offer.

What to Expect

During your on-demand pool cleaning.

Pool Cleaning

Our cleanings will leave you with a healthy and impressively clean pool for your family & guests. Cleanings include:

  • Pool floor vacuuming

  • Wall brushing

  • Tile cleaning

  • Surface skimming

  • Emptying of skimmers & pump baskets

  • Backwashing (sand filters)​

  • Blowing off the pool area

Water Balancing

​Proper water balance is the key to a clean & healthy pool. Our water balance check will consist of:

  • Full water chemistry check & report

    • Sanitizer, pH, CYA / Stabilizer, Alkalinity, Calcium, and Salt​

  • Water chemistry correction​​

Pump & System Inspection

We’ll never visit a pool without ensuring a properly functioning system. With each visit we inspect:

  • Filter / vacuum pressure

  • Chemical feeders

  • Pump operation

  • System valve settings

Service Report

After our visit, we’ll leave you a detailed report indicating the services we performed, the water chemistry levels, chemicals we added, and anything we noticed in our inspection. Should you have any questions about your service, just give us a call!

Additional On-Demand Cleaning Services


Opening & Closing

Let us help you prepare your pool for the change in seasons.

Pool opening includes cover removal, de-winterizing your system, and performing a pair of visits to heavily clean your pool and get the water balanced.

Pool closing includes a final cleaning to prevent off-season staining and winterization to protect your pool systems.

Filter Cleaning

Keeping your pool filters clean ensures an efficient operation of your system. Not only will it ensure your pool stays cleaner, but it will keep your pump motors lasting longer and prevent damage to other system components.

We can clean or replace any type of pool filter, including performing sand changes for sand filters.


Pressure Washing

As clean as your pool may be, having dirty pool furniture or a dirty pool deck can keep you from enjoying the water.

Add pressure washing service to an on-demand cleaning service at a discount, or we’re happy to make a separate visit at your convenience.

Algae Treatment

Algae can develop in any pool, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. The most common causes are issues with filtration, sanitization, and circulation systems.


No matter how severe your algae is, our Green Pool Service can get your pool back to its usual clear blue color in no time.